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Membership survey

Membership survey

So that the Community Gym Committee can get a better idea about what members think about the gym and any improvements that might be made, it would be very grateful to those members who can spare a minute to complete this questionnaire.

Please go through the form making appropriate entries, including the "personal" bit if you are happy to put your name to it, and then press the submit button at the bottom of the form.

Gym use

Please tell us about how often, and when, you mostly use the gym

How often do you use the gym on average?


tickbox2 or 3 times a week


tickbox2 or 3 times a month

tickboxMonthly or less

Which periods do you most commonly use the gym?

tickboxWeekdays 6am to 9am

tickboxWeekdays 9am to 1pm

tickboxWeekdays 1pm to 4pm

tickboxWeekdays 4pm to 9pm

tickboxWeekends (any time)

Use of equipment

Please tell us which pieces of equipment you mostly use


Cross trainer

Upright Cycle

Recumbent Cycle

Rowing Machine

Lat Pull

Chest Press

Leg Curl

Leg Extension

Adjustable Pulley

Sit Up Bench




A little information about you.
This section is voluntary.



which age bracket?

how far do you travel to the gym?


Is there any other equipment you would like to have available?

Please give us any comment or suggestions about the Audlem Community Gym