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COVID-19 Gym Re-opening


We now understand that the Community Gym can reopen on December 3rd, albeit with the extra precautions that we had in place in September.
Thank you to all our members for your patience during the last few weeks of the second lockdown.
We are pleased to confirm that the gym will reopen on Thursday 3rd December. This follows very careful consideration and planning, and the taking into account of members' views. There will obviously need to be strict control measures in place and these are described below. The continued operation of the Gym will also be subject to change in the event of new government guidelines coming into effect.

We do understand that many members may not yet feel comfortable about returning and if we do not hear from you, we will assume that you wish for your membership to remain paused for the time being.

There are downloadable pdf versions of both this notice and the declaration form — see links above.

Access to the Gym

We have moved some items of equipment into the first changing room on the corridor which will be acting as an overflow gym. We will utilise a system of first-come-first-served which, we believe, is the best way to manage access given the numbers that we expect. It will work like this:-
1. Only 5 members allowed in the gym at any one time: 3 in the main gym, and 2 in the overflow
2. If you arrive and the gym is full, you will need to wait in the corridor until someone leaves, keeping social distancing rules in mind
3. If there are people waiting, you are asked to restrict your overall gym usage time to 45 minutes
4. Spot checks will be carried out by the committee members at random times to ensure compliance
This way of working will be carefully monitored and reviewed. If it is found that members are behaving irresponsibly and not following the rules we may need to reconsider further closure.

Additional Measures

The following are the measures we have put in place to ensure an environment which is as safe as possible:-

AIR FLOW — Guidelines tell us that the circulation of air that air conditioning causes is best avoided, so we will not use this. Instead, the buildings extractor system will remove stale air without undue circulation. It might therefore feel a little warmer! The door to the gym and the overflow gym will be propped ajar and the velux windows in the corridor will be opened during the remaining warmer months.

SOCIAL DISTANCING — we rely upon our members to take responsibility and ensure adequate social distancing at all times in the gym.

EXTRA CLEANING — the gym will be cleaned daily, with all touchable surfaces being disinfected. In normal times, members are asked to wipe down machines with cleaning fluid provided after each use. This remains necessary, and we would also advise wiping down before use for your extra protection.

MACHINE SPACING — we have tried to retain the use of as many pieces of equipment as possible but, inevitably, we have had to take some out of use. There will be only one treadmill, and leg extension and chest press machines have also been temporarily de-commissioned.

TRACK & TRACE — the entry fob system will allow us to operate a track and trace system should this become necessary.

TAILGATING — In order to help us to monitor numbers and to track and trace we ask that when arriving with a friend you enter the building separately each with your own fob, allowing the door to fully close in between. Do not use one fob swipe to open the door for you both. This is very important to the safe operation of the gym, and will be monitored via the CCTV at the entrance.

RESTRICTION OF FACILITIES — in order to reduce the risk of infection there will be no changing room or shower facilities available to members. You are therefore asked to come to the gym ready changed for your workout. Unisex toilet facilities are available on the corridor near the external gym entrance.

FACE COVERINGS — you are asked to wear a face covering whilst in the building except when you are actually exercising.

HAND SANITISER — a hand sanitisation station will be placed in the corridor just inside the external door. You are asked to make use of it for your and everyone's safety.

NEW MEMBERS — For the time being, we will not be accepting applications from new members and there will be no induction sessions.

REVISED OPENING HOURS — In order to allow time for the additional cleaning, the gym's opening time will be reduced. We will open each morning at 7.30 am, with closure at 9pm as usual.

POSITIVE TESTS — you are asked to inform the gym immediately if you should test positive for the virus

WATER CUPS — These will not be provided. You are welcome, however, to bring your own water container, which can be refilled from the cooler.

How to unpause your membership

If you had already "unpaused" your membership when we came out of lockdown in September, you do not need to do it again.

If you wish to resume your membership, and are happy to abide by the additional requirements detailed, simply download and complete the declaration form here and either hand it to one of the committee, or into Williams' newsagents. Monthly members will also need to reinstate their payments with effect from 1st December (or the 1st of the month in which you wish to re-start). Annual members need make no payment adjustment: we will simply adjust your renewal date to credit you for the paused months.

Alternatively you can complete the declaration on-line using the form below



Please fill in the boxes below, click on "yes" to accept the conditions, and then click on "submit" at the bottom of the form.


I have carefully read the Gym's covid-19 reopening notice, understand the
requirements detailed within it and undertake to abide by all of those requirements
in order to minimise risk of infection transmission

I undertake to refrain from entering or using the gym if any of the following apply:-

** I experience any of the following symptoms:- cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, high temperature, fever, chills, muscle pain not associated with injury, loss of taste and sense of smell;
** I test positive for covid-19
** I associate with a person who then tests positive for covid-19
** I attend a venue where social distancing was not being observed


Gym phone number 07742 447554